The Statuary

Though we had taken on the love and care of the house, it still looked abandoned. A new roof was most important since it was falling apart before our eyes. But before we could get a new roof, we needed to paint the house, and before we could paint the house, we had to tame the plant life that surrounded it.

Who knew a what a little landscaping would uncover?

Statues. So many statues we didn't even know were there, hiding in the overgrown shrubbery. I have never been particularly fond of statues in general. The moment they were discovered, I immediately started planning their demise. But the longer I live with them, the more I am growing to like them. I would not have chosen them myself, but they feel like a part of the house and the property that shouldn't be removed. And Cory loves them enough for the both of us. Especially the lions. 

There are lions everywhere.

This is a fountain, once completely shrouded in hedges. She appears to have lost an arm over the years, but some kind soul (perhaps without the greatest grasp of human arm proportions) crafted her a new one of cement at some point in time. As of now, she is not functional as a fountain, but she watches over this little patio outside of our living room pretty well and hopefully she'll have water in her urn once again someday soon.

Carved into the outside of a chimney is a little arch that contains a little saint. I used to find this little place a bit creepy, mostly due to the adjacent cat grave. The headstone was removed before we moved in, but there is no evidence to suggest that the actual cat has gone anywhere so I still consider this hallowed ground. It's a quiet sanctuary, a good thinking place. I like that this tiny man is here guarding it.

If anyone knows which saint he is, I would really like to know.

There is still more wrapped up in vines, still more to uncover. Still more lions. I am actually in no hurry to clear it all away and give up all the mystery of what might be.

Chuck keeps watch over all of it.